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meet the press panel: the IPO, SPAC, and funding whiplash

Inkhouse “Meet The Press” Panel: The IPO, SPAC & Funding Whiplash

Mar 30, 2022 Jen Weber

Earlier this week, our President Jason Morris and CEO Beth Monaghan co-hosted a virtual “Meet the Press” Panel with highly regarded business and tech reporters including Dan Primack, business editor at Axios; Kenrick Cai, senior tech reporter at Forbes; Luisa Beltran, reporter at Barron’s; and Mary Ann Azevedo, senior reporter at TechCrunch. The panel aimed to better understand the “whiplash” of the IPO, SPAC and venture funding landscapes.

These reporters can firsthand attest that the IPO and funding landscape may be cooling off, on the heels of a record-setting year in 2021, but there are always outliers and compelling company growth stories to tell. How do you fit into it to break through the noise? Dig into the company or founder’s origin story and explain their uniqueness in a new or different way.

We discussed the future of companies going public, how the venture funding landscape is adapting to the current climate, the rise of crypto, and what makes a pitch stand out to each of them. Pro tip – it’s not all about the massive dollar amount raised or how well-known your company is.

If you missed it, check out the recap below.

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