The sign at the front desk at our headquarters reads, “Work Hard & Be Nice to People.” At InkHouse, culture is our business model. We believe that great work is contingent on two things: the ability to come as you are, and the freedom to disconnect. Creativity requires perspective, and hard work needs to be balanced with mental space.

We’re looking for people with innovative ideas about where media relations, social media, content and creative services are going next. Our business changes quickly, so InkHouse must too. We’ve created a workplace in which everyone has permission to risk failure in service of a big idea. That’s the only way they get discovered. Our 10 company values serve as the foundation for how we work, and how our people grow.


Our employees work hard and play hard. Fulfilled employees are loyal employees. To that end, we offer the following benefits:

The things you need:

Paid family leave, including 16 weeks for maternity leave, 8 weeks for paternity leave and a flex month upon return (we helped advocate for the passage of these bills in Massachusetts and on Capitol Hill)

     •  Competitive health and dental insurance (and pre-tax flexible spending accounts)

     •  Vision care 

     •  Employee referral program

     •  401(K)

     •  100% employer-paid life and disability insurance

     •  Employee assistance program (EAP) 

     •  Professional development training

The things you want:

Things are changing with COVID-19, but here’s a glimpse of how we’re going virtual. When we’re not all working from home, here are our in-office perks:

     •  Unlimited vacation days (that is not a typo!)

     •  Work-from-home and summer Fridays

     •  Dogs. In. The. Office

     •  FOFs (Forced Office Fun, also known as Happy Hour)

     •  Paid volunteer time at your favorite non-profit every quarter

     •  Birthday off

     •  Free snacks and drinks

     •  Annual employee awards (translation: all-expenses paid vacation on us)