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Build Your Own Newsroom

Mar 4, 2021 Beth Monaghan

Most companies need media and owned content. Why?

The buyer’s journey isn’t a straight path. Sometimes it’s a bounce across the digital world, into the real one and back. And sometimes it’s a single click-to-buy. You need to repeat your messages until you kind of hate them. And they need to be varied based on your audience’s emotional drivers and each channel’s nuances. 

When no one knows who you are, you need awareness and credibility to grow an audience. The best way to do this is through proactive media relations. Besides earned media, you also need to develop a one-on-one relationship with your audience, which comes from owned content and social engagement.

Combining these tactics into one unified strategy communicates transparency and openness to your audiences, and over time, instills brand trust. To build your own newsroom (or not) is the current PR debate, but it’s just another way to describe modern marketing communications. 

Here’s how we approach integrated strategies at Inkhouse:

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