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February 17, 2017 36creative

In the battle between Facebook Live vs Instagram Stories vs Snapchat, which should you use? As more and more players come into the ephemeral social network space, we’ve learned that there isn’t one social network to rule them all.
Some ephemeral social networks work best for longer content, some better for still images, and others you’d choose because of who you’re trying to target.
The need for each of these networks to find differentiation was furthered by the release of Instagram Stories, a feature created by Instagram which many thought was a direct shot at Snapchat. But the truth is everyone can play in the same ephemeral sandbox; there is demand for many different types of fleeting content in many different apps.
When the content created exists only briefly, it changes the dynamic: the limit is usually capped at what the person or brand can create, and no longer by how much the viewer can take in. Here lies a great opportunity for brands to produce creative, engaging content specifically targeted at their social network’s individual audiences.
In order to help you decide if you should be using ephemeral social networks and which ones you should use, we created this handy guide. Below you’ll find a quick reference chart that clearly outlines the potential reach, pros, cons and a few use cases for each of the most-used ephemeral social networks: Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat.


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