PatientKeeper provides electronic health records (EHR) optimization software that streamlines clinician workflow, improves care team collaboration, and fills functional gaps in existing EHR systems. In short, they make EHR systems work better for the people who provide healthcare—all on a mobile app.

To reach the primary decision makers for purchasing such software—hospital executives, clinical leaders, and the healthcare providers themselves—we set up a LinkedIn ad campaign targeting these specific job titles and hospital names that ran from mid-June to mid-August of 2021.

Two-month campaign results




Video views



Phase I (Awareness)

The first phase of the campaign resulted in nearly a million impressions and hundreds of thousands of video views—reaching and educating the right audience on this useful medical mobile app.

Phase II (Consideration)

Phase II kicked off in mid-July and ran through mid-August 2021. Once we established awareness, we pivoted on an aggressive goal to achieve leads in the double digits. To accomplish this, we put the most active ad engagers to a decision—contact PatientKeeper sales.

We redesigned the Phase I ads to include a lead-gen form right in the ad. Now that PatientKeeper’s target demographic knew more about the product, they were ready to take some action.

Phase II adjustments

We modified the target demographic in Phase II, as well. Awareness is a two-way street. Phase I told us which hospitals and which functions within those hospitals would most likely talk to sales. We therefore didn’t just target a list of hospitals and professions in this phase; we targeted the specific people–CEOs, CIOs, etc.—within these very hospitals. Our target demographic was smaller, but hyper-focused.

Phase II results

The results from this direct approach were nearly 20 leads (18), which occurred over a six-week period. That’s three leads per week! For a company like PatientKeeper with a finite prospective customer list, this was a home run.