To establish its market position as the leading password manager and attract new users, LogMeIn’s LastPass sought to build its thought leadership profile among several diverse audiences — from college students and moms to IT professionals and entrepreneurs. InkHouse, for LogMeIn’s LastPass password manager solution, executed a strategic campaign that reveal why consumers can’t seem to break their bad password habits amid constant news of major data breaches. By exposing how our personalities can influencer our password habits, InkHouse was able to build the case for why consumers should use a password manager – more specifically LastPass – to improve their online security.

While the rise in data breaches – and the direct link many of them have to weak passwords – is widely publicized, there was seemingly no discussion around why consumers were continuing to rely on weak or easy-to-remember passwords to protect their sensitive information. In order to start this conversation, InkHouse developed a global consumer survey – The Psychology of Passwords survey – to highlight the ever-growing threat of poor password behavior on consumers’ personal and sensitive information. Using the survey findings for a foundation, InkHouse developed a multi-pronged communications approach that sought to land both business and consumer press coverage, focusing on LastPass’ key user personas.

Leveraging the survey results, InkHouse secured 50+ pieces of coverage around the survey launch, including feature stories, mentions and contributed content. Coverage of the survey spanned a broad range of key publications across consumer and business (NBC News, Glamour, Men’s Health, Mashable) as well as in key trade publications (Dark Reading, CIO Insight, eSecurity Planet), aligning with LastPass’ target audiences. In addition to media success, InkHouse developed quality evergreen content for LastPass to leverage with ongoing media efforts as well as social media and blog content.