Jamestown owns and manages the Innovation and Design Building in the Seaport area of Boston and wanted to promote its office building as a destination where innovative companies want to work. Sounds easy enough, except the building was in a previously desolate part of Boston. InkHouse was charged with shifting the community perception of the area to a destination where vibrant and engaged tenants work and interact. How did we dive in? We produced a series of videos highlighting collaboration and relationships between individual tenants, detailing why they love being a part of the #IDBCommunity.

The tenant videos lent authentic voices to the campaign, highlighting real stories of connection. We strategically timed the posting of each via Facebook and Instagram over the course of a few months in order to reach audiences with a consistent story multiple times. We then amplified each video’s reach using paid social to target audiences in the Boston area. Engagement surpassed expectations, resulting in almost 60,000 views across social channels and hundreds of reactions, comments and shares, including comments and shares from current tenants.