Are you at risk for sitting disease? Probably. The average person is sitting (aka sedentary) 12+ hours a day. Physical inactivity is now the 4th leading factor for global mortality. There has never been a better time – with the growing trend toward health-conscious living – to communicate the message that the average American’s sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our health, and that ergonomic equipment and furniture – including standing desks – are an easy and affordable way to forever transform the way we work and live. It is against this backdrop that Ergotron, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic products for the office, home, school and healthcare environments, partnered with InkHouse. Together, we set out to expand broad awareness of “sitting disease,” position its executives as respected thought leaders on the topic and increase visibility of its standing desk solutions.

Keeping in mind the need to rise above the plethora of scientific research linking prolonged sitting to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers and the subsequent headlines claiming that “sitting is the new smoking,” InkHouse recommended that Ergotron commission third-party research to serve as a foundation to root the company’s point of view in authority. But this wouldn’t be just any survey. Rather than focusing on how much people are sitting – that’s been done many times over – this survey would explore how it makes people feel to sit all day. It turns out almost 70% of full-time American workers hate sitting, but they still do it all day every day.

Using the survey as the foundation, InkHouse developed a multi-pronged communications strategy that sought to land both consumer and business mainstream coverage and broaden the conversation around “sitting disease.” InkHouse packaged the survey data into a branded index with multiple supporting materials, including a news release, infographic, report and numerous blog posts. We coined this campaign the first annual JustStand Index. In the first month alone, InkHouse generated 40 media placements, including a national broadcast segment on The Today Show, top-tier business press and coverage in key influential wellness/fitness blogs. The success of the original JustStand Index has led Ergotron and InkHouse to release an updated report bi-annually, with the original content still generating top-tier media interest and referral traffic. The topic of sedentary lifestyles and sitting disease remains newsworthy, and as new research comes out, InkHouse is able to continue pointing back to the JustStand Index data to insert Ergotron into the story and develop new content on the topic.

We chose the InkHouse team because of their unique approach to elevating the conversation around the information and technologies shaping our customers’ business decisions. The InkHouse team has seamlessly found the right strategies in each market to raise brand awareness and extend our coverage nationally, with proven results."

Daneen Kiger

VP, Global Marketing, Ergotron