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Posts by Kristin Parran Faulder

Vice President

Mastering the art of the one-line pitch

Public relations has followed a path similar to that of our everyday communications. Snail mail… phone… fax machine… email… and now 140-character tweets, texts and emoticons. With the availability of the Apple Watch (check out Rachel Tucker’s post about how the watch will change the media), we are cutting our communications even shorter, sending aRead the full post


Got Data? It’s Time to Get Yourself a Silk

By now, you likely know how valuable data can be; if not, I recommend you start with Beth Monaghan’s post on data journalism. Data can help establish your company’s thought leadership platform, root your point of view in authority, demonstrate new trends on the horizon or that old trends are, well, old. If your companyRead the full post


Technology start-ups: Nashville’s Opening Act

Nestled somewhere between the country music fame and healthcare fortune (although there’s a lot of fortune to be had in country music as well), lies a lesser-known image of Nashville – that of a thriving, entrepreneurial, tech start-up-filled city. Of course it’s not a secret; publications such as TIME, The New York Times and WRead the full post


Uncover your advantages: A few PR lessons from Malcolm Gladwell

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to join a breakfast that featured New York Times bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell as the speaker. In his most recent book, David and Goliath, Gladwell looks at – and (in his unique style) challenges – what we believe about overcoming obstacles, disadvantages and setbacks. If you have readRead the full post


How Are You Being Heard?

At a time in America’s history when the threat of war was pervasive and the future unclear, President John F. Kennedy stood in front of the nation and delivered his now infamous inaugural speech where he requested of citizens: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do forRead the full post


The Oprah Effect (And What It Means For Your Business)

When Oprah decided to leave daytime television and start her OWN network, she was taking a big risk. Oprah fans – and there were a lot of them – had become used to watching her at a certain time each day, on a certain station, and to see certain guests and topics (who doesn’t rememberRead the full post

So, You Started a Business. But Are You Ready for PR?

  Congratulations! You have taken the leap and started a business. Now you are ready to tell the world about your new venture, and want to start with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and TechCrunch. While seeing your business’s name in print is exciting—and often revenue-driving—it takes work to get there, even ifRead the full post