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Posts by Beth Monaghan

Principal and Co-Founder

Beth co-founded InkHouse in 2007 with Meg O’Leary, and together they have grown it into one of the fastest growing PR firms in the nation. Beth directs media and content strategy for innovative companies, both large and small.

A widely cited expert, Beth recommends PR programs rooted in thoughtful viewpoints and authentic storytelling. She believes that PR measurement is imperative, that great stories start with why not what, and that press releases should be news stories not marketing collateral. Her views have been featured in, Business Insider, PR Week, the Associated Press, PR News, Ragan’s PR Daily, Bulldog Reporter, among others. Outside and inside the office, Beth is a passionate advocate for equality. She served as an appointee to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Women in the Workplace Task Force and sits on the Women’s Network Advisory Board for the Boston Chamber of Commerce. Her views about strategies for building women’s workplace confidence have been featured in TIME, Forbes, NPR and NBC News. Beth sits on the board of directors of Xconomy, an online publication dedicated to the high-tech economy, and is also a member of the Director’s Circle for GrubStreet, one of the nation’s leading creative writing centers.


Gratitude 2015

Gratitude might be my favorite emotion. It means I’ve encountered the type of kindness that makes me want to expand into the world. Thanksgiving is always a lovely pause that pushes me to think more deeply about kindness. And yet, it’s also the season to stress about forecasts. What trends will be hot in 2016?Read the full post

InkHouse eBook: PR in The Age of [In]Attention

New eBook: PR in the Age of [In]Attention

Today InkHouse issued a new eBook, “PR in The Age of [In]Attention,” which provides 11 steps for gaining the right kind of attention. The tides are shifting and the impact is more tidal wave than gentle lapping at the shores of new territory. The job of PR today is more complex, faster paced, and moreRead the full post


Q&A with Sam Whitmore: The Attention Economy

We are living in the attention economy. Everyone and every company is beckoning to us look here, no here, no over there! No one follows this trend more closely than Sam Whitmore, founder and editor of the Sam Whitmore Media Survey and veteran journalist. He sat down with me to answer a few questions forRead the full post

Thumbs up made out of flour

The PR Impact of the Pew State of the News Media Report

Two words sum up the Pew Research Center’s “State of the News Media 2015” report: Facebook and mobile. Let’s blame millennials. Why not, right? By 2020, they will account for nearly half of our workforce and we already know how they send something like 2,000 texts per month. By 2020, 80% of Americans will ownRead the full post

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

The Impact of Engagement Science on the News

And you thought those photos of the 10 puppies you had to see before you die were all just for fun. Engagement science is transforming the news business. From Buzzfeed’s listicles to Medium’s focus on reads over clicks. It’s all about the data, which is all about engagement – and it’s increasingly all about social.Read the full post

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The Story Behind Click Bait Cluttering Your Facebook Feed

The Manufacturing of Virality Through Click Bait’s Shock and Awe  I probably should have titled this piece, “The Shocking Facebook Fact That Will Blow Your Mind!!!” I’ve been complaining about my Facebook feed, which is cluttered with the click bait of inspiration and outrage, some well meaning, some not. At first I thought I mightRead the full post